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This list was updated May 2014

50 Years 1961-2011

Hello to you all,

The good news is that the new list is up - and, we have a fair amount of material on offered. The bad news is that there has been a major increase in price of Tourmaline, Brazilian Opal, Green Garnet, and Chrome Tourmaline, to name a few. Remember, I mentioned in the last list that I expected to see a increase in most gem rough? Tourmaline has shown the largest increase - in fact, we were selling rough on the last list cheaper than we could replace it with. Tourmaline is no longer the inexpensive"Cinderella" of the gemstones and is finding its rightful price in the gemstone market. A further number of factors have caused this increase, namely a decreasing amount of Tourmaline coming onto the market, the increased presence of buyers from Brazil in Mozambique, the war in the Congo (miners are demanding 'danger' pay to operate the mines) and the political problems and fighting between Renamo and Frelimo which is causing big problems in the north of Mozambique where the mines are situated. To get to the north, you need to travel in an armed convoy, and, since the army seldom has transport of their own, this means that you carry the army guys with you! Of course, this makes you a prime target! Mozambique is where we get our best Aquamarine from - and, we couldn't get our shipment down in time for this list.

Luckily, most of the other rough has not gone up dramatically in price, although, the Amethyst mine in Uruguay where I get my rough, can no longer get workers to cob the rough. Which means that I now have to import mine-run rough and clean it myself! And, the Tanzanian Government has just placed a hefty increase on its 'export' tax on all rough leaving the country.
Meanwhile, Zambia is looking at bringing in a law, prohibiting the export of all their gemstone rough, unless sold in the country itself.

Please note that there are new rates for Fedex, we have kept the same price for over three years but, unfortunately, we cannot hold the price any longer. However, please remember these costs INCLUDE insurance. At present, postage rates remain the same, however, these will be reviewed in April when our postal authorities review their costs.


At the end of March, we received a phone call from one of the miners we work with in Nigeria, telling us
that they had just uncovered a superb new find of Sapphires. This was followed up with an email and photos of the new find - see one photo below. The stones found became progressively larger, culminating in one stone which weighed over 125 cts, totally clean, which was immediately sold for $105,000.
We are helping the miners with marketing and, have three superb parcels on offer at a reduced price as money is needed for development work. Some of the original samples which were sent to us show slight 'silk' which I am convinced will cause the stones to darken if heat-treated. These stones virtually all appear to be river-worn and totally clean. There are none of the green or yellow tones often seen in Sapphire.
These stones appear to be quite similar to the Cameroon Sapphires and not unlike the Montana stones.

We have three superb parcels of these new Sapphires on our What's New2 our Tanganyika Trading Plate.
Have a good look at them, it is unlikely we will be able to offer them again at this price!!

Duties on rough gemstones - please take note that the U.S. Customs have imposed a new tariff on rough sawn or roughly ground gemstones!!! These stones are now classified under the Harmonized Number 7103.10.40 and attracts a duty of 10.5%.
But, this only seems to be the case when parcels are sent by courier - we have not had any duties imposed on parcels sent by Registered post. It is interesting to note that cut, faceted stones attract NO duty!

Has anyone looked at the"Archives" column, shown at the end of most of the lists? These are prices from our lists dating around ten years ago.
It is to show you the rate gem rough has increased, or, in the case of Tanzanite, decreased in value.
Remember, prices of rough depends on the current market conditions of the day. I can guarantee you that prices will be going up very shortly, especially with the medium sized stones.

Please note - If you are viewing the website using a laptop computer, (apart from the Apple laptop), the colors portrayed are very poor. I have found this to be the norm after checking numerous lap tops. The older desktop screens still seem to give the most accurate colors, so, when ordering, please read the descriptions of the stones. It will help you somewhat with the colors.
Shipping and handling
All orders UNDER $500 will be shipped by registered airmail, insured
This is the cheapest method but takes up to 16 working days
depending where you are
. You can also request your parcel to be sent by Fedex
$25.00 (minimum order) to $99.00.........$ 18.00
$100.00 to $199.00.................................$ 21.00
$200.00 to $500.00.................................$ 26.00
All orders OVER $500.00 shipped by Fedex, insured.
The safest and quickest method to send your parcel usually takes just a few days,
depending where you are and well worth the small extra cost
USA, Canada - $75.00
Europe including Britain - $84.00
Australia, New Zealand - $106.00
Japan, Thailand - $84.00
China - $102.00
Fedex charges depend on the oil price and the Dollar and may vary slightly
The above charges relate toMay 2014

This list can also be found on www.africangemstones.biz, www.africangemstones.org, www.africangemstones.info, africangemstones.us, www.africangemstones.asia

All of the plates have at least two photos and the lists are long - please be patient when downloading.

For a quick survey, click on any of the Plate Buttons above, and a brief description of what is on that particular plate will be shown.

Single stones available in -
Citrine - Brazil, Uruguay
Rhodolite - Tanzania, Brazil, Kenya
Amethyst -Brazil, Uruguay
Tourmaline - Mozambique, Congo, Nigeria, Madagascar, Tanzania, Kenya
Chrome Tourmaline - Tanzania
Green Garnet - Tanzania
Merelani Mint-Green Garnet - Tanzania
Malaia Garnet - Tanzania
Spessartite Garnet - Tanzania, Nigeria, Mozambique
Yellow Grossular Garnet
Demantoid Garnet
Cranberry Garnet
Color-Change Garnet - Kenya
Hessonite Garnet - Mozambique
Fire Opal - Brazil, Tanzania
Spinel - Tanzania
Sapphire - Tanzania, Nigeria, Madagascar
Iolite - India
Aquamarine - Mozambique, Nigeria
Peridot - Pakistan, China
Ruby - Madagascar
Zircon - Tanzania, Mozambique
Tanzanite - Tanzania

Parcels in
Amethyst, Tourmaline, Emerald, Brazilian Fire Opal

Semi-facet/cab material in
Zambian Amethyst
Blue Topaz
Pink, green and blue Tourmaline
Black Tourmaline in Quartz


Happy cutting!!
Hilmar and Tamzin Bosch

A word about us.....

For many of you, this will be the first time you have dealt with a company from Africa and you will be wondering whether this has been a wise move. Africa, unfortunately, is NOT known for its efficiency nor for total honesty! However, African Gemstones LLC is a registered American company but we are now operating out of South Africa.
And, to put your minds at rest, a little history about us!
I am of Dutch nationality and have been in the gemstone field since 1961. I was born in Nairobi, Kenya, and, as a youngster, traveled extensively throughout Africa. I completed my education in Harare, Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). After two years at university studying geology, I decided my future was with gemstones and left in 1963 to obtain my Fellowship Diploma in Gemmology from the Gemmological Association of Great Britain. I started the Gemmology and Gemstone Cutting courses at the Harare Polytechnic and was head lecturer for a number of years, as well as operating our jewelry manufacturing and gemstone cutting factory.
During this time, our company dealt exclusively with numerous gemstone firms in Idar-Oberstein, Germany, supplying them with rough gemstone material from Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe. In 1982, together with my wife, Karen, and daughters Morwenna and Tamzin, we emigrated to South Africa.
Since 1982, we have been selling fine rough facet-grade materials exclusively by Mail Order to all parts of the world.
Africa is still the major source of fine rough gems and new deposits are being discovered continuously. Today we obtain fine rough from countries such as Mozambique, Namibia, Malawi, Tanzania Nigeria, Kenya, Zambia, Madagascar, Brazil, Bolivia, Afghanistan, Cambodia and Zimbabwe. Our rough is very carefully selected, much is preformed to some extent to ensure top clarity and the rough has been well selected for shape.
Please note, that for photographic purposes, some stones have a light artists varnish applied to the surface. This helps you in determining the clarity of the stone where it has not been tumbled-polished and shows the true color in the photos. It can be easily removed with any solvent.


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